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A higher count of free weight loss supplements testosterone, however, comes with a price. In three collegiate wrestlers made national headlines by dying. The story was considered newsworthy not only because the three young men had no history of illness but also because of accusations that their use of creatine supplements had led to their untimely deaths.

Subsequent investigation revealed that creatine had nothing to do with it. What really killed them was dehydration, leading to kidney shutdown in two of the wrestlers. Making weight is common in many sports, and bodybuilders often try to reduce bodyfat before a competition in order to highlight muscularity. The sensible method of losing weight is a longer, slower process. Most professional bodybuilders begin their contest preparations anywhere from three to six months out from a contest; losing weight slowly preserves muscle and strength.

Few athletes pay the ultimate price for injudicious dieting and training, but they do pay in more subtle ways. The cost of dropping weight too rapidly was highlighted in a recent study of 18 elite wrestlers who competed nationally and internationally. The wrestlers—average age 21 with an weight loss supplements testosterone range of 17 to 31—were told to restrict their intake of carbohydrates and fat but keep their protein intake high, at two kilograms per pound of bodyweight, to weight loss supplements testosterone loss of lean mass.

Their daily calorie intake was to 2, and they stimulated dehydration during the last two days through heavy training and hot saunas, as well as restricting fluid intake and lowering their daily calories to a maximum of 1, They used potassium chloride, which can have caustic effects in the gastrointestinal tract; magnesium hydroxide, which rapidly brings on diarrhea; and calcium carbonate, which is chalk and harder to absorb than other forms of supplemental calcium.

Even so, getting some minerals is better weight loss supplements testosterone getting none. Odds are that their restricted diet was low on those minerals and that side effects would have been much more in evidence without them. Remember, the wrestlers were actively seeking dehydration to foster weight loss, and weight loss supplements testosterone causes mineral loss. The weight-reduction program proved successful. The greatest overall weight loss was 11 percent, along with an average 6.

The wrestler also lost 2. The average drop was 33 percent, along with a 47 percent drop in luteinizing hormone, or LH, a pituitary hormone that controls testosterone synthesis. The fact that LH dropped by 47 percent fat blocker weight loss insufficient food intake, coupled with high stress conditions. Increased aerobic exercise, especially when accompanied by an ultralow-calorie diet, is associated with low testosterone and higher cortisol counts.

The wrestlers reported increased fatigue, tension and anger and reduced vigor. They also had trouble sleeping, and stress from that further depleted their testosterone. Insulinlike growth-factor 1 did not take a hit. IGF-1 is vital for muscle repair. I would suggest two other possible mechanisms. IGF-1 is related to both calorie and protein intake. In addition, the carbohydrate and fat may have spurred an increased release of growth hormone, which would be reflected by a higher amount of IGF Natural bodybuilders who drop weight too fast by extreme dieting and training will likely experience rapid drops in testosterone and growth hormone, as well as a rise in cortisol.

Result: significant muscle loss, along with a slowdown in bodyfat loss due to lack of anabolic hormone support and a drop in active thyroid hormone. So if you avoid pharmaceutical hormones, you should also avoid crash dieting, unless you also want to crash your muscle gains. Bodybuilders hear a lot of bad things about estrogen these days. Its evil reputation is almost on par with cortisol, although the two hormones have little in common other than both being steroids. Estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, aldosterone and activated vitamin D are all steroids.

Judging by the number of supplements that claim to lower estrogen, it appears to be a definite liability for bodybuilders.

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