Weight loss pills with hypothyroidism

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Weight loss is by far the number one question asked by readers. Marc recently invited me to be part of his video blog. In this post we will examine the many reasons why a lot of people with hypothyroidism have such difficulty losing weight. What does this actually mean? In technical terms, metabolism is the amount of oxygen used by the body over a particular amount of time.

When this measurement is made at rest, it is called the basal metabolic rate or BMR. If you had a low BMR, your thyroid was underactive, and if you had a high BMR your thyroid was overactive. Later studies showed that low thyroid hormone levels were linked to low BMRs. Then, most physicians decided to scrap testing BMR in favor of simply testing thyroid hormone levels because it is easier weight loss pills with hypothyroidism it was found that the thyroid was not the only thing to influence metabolism.

High or weight loss pills with hypothyroidism BMRs are associated with changes in energy balance. Things that create a high BMR, like amphetamines, for example, often cause a negative energy weight loss pills with hypothyroidism which results in weight loss. This is one reason why you tend not to see many overweight speed freaks. Based on this, many people originally assumed that changes in thyroid hormone levels which can lead to changes in BMR should lead to the same changes and the same weight losses Minus the lost teeth and paranoia.

Other hormones, proteins and neurotransmitters have also been found to be part of the mix and these all also have influence on energy, food intake and body weight. Some of them that are worth taking a look at and dealing with are leptin, insulin, neuropeptide Y, serotonin and inflammatory proteins like interleukin 6 IL Physiologically, evolution takes quite a long time relative to our sweet, short lives.

And our weight loss pills with hypothyroidism evolved in a calorie poor environment where fat was pretty hard to come by. As a weight loss pills with hypothyroidism, our bodies developed a natural tendency to store whatever fat was available. And that fat got programmed with some pretty ingenious innate intelligence. Leptin is a hormone that is made in your fat cells and it is involved in maintaining body weight. Interestingly enough, it also has influence on the thyroid.

Leptin acts as an important control system that communicates to other organs about the state of your fat balance and whether to eat more or stay in low-metabolism survival state. Where, oh where, have all the wildebeest gone? So your metabolism slows and this signals you to make more Thyrotropin-releasing hormone TRHand this raises Thyroid Stimulating Hormone TSH and the TSH tells your thyroid to make more thyroid hormone. This is what happens when everything is working properly. Well, leptin resistance is similar and often co-exists.

In fact, both are consequences of obesity. A lot of people in the US, today, have some degree of this. With hypothyroidism, people can become overweight and they tend to use less energy. The increased amounts of fat and the lower energy use can result in leptin resistance and you wind up with a vicious cycle where leptin stops doing its job. As a result, leptin no longer signals your hypothalamus and your metabolism slows down. Leptin resistance makes the hypothalamus believe that you are in starvation mode, and you make more fat, and slow down thyroid hormone production.

And, in what can only be described as unfair and cruel, your appetite actually increases, you become insulin resistant, and fat weight loss pills with hypothyroidism lipolysis slows down. Over time, you gain weight, especially around the mid-section, and it becomes more difficult to lose the weight and accumulated fat. Leptin controls and influences the immune system, too.

One of the places where you can find high concentrations of IL-6 is in the fat that accumulates around the abdomen. This adipose tissue is highly inflammatory and can, itself, lead to the progression and more aggressive proliferation of many diseases. Low vitamin D has also been associated with both insulin and leptin resistance.

And vitamin D is an important anti-inflammatory that is often low in people with hypothyroidism.

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