Lose body fat on arms

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If you're having trouble shedding that excess flab on the underside of your arms, you are not alone! Labeled everything from bingo arms to bat wings, this annoying fat is hard to shed. However, I have some good news: It's not impossible. In the video below, I take you through five bodyweight exercises that will have you sporting sexy, toned arms in no time. Best of all, these exercises strengthen the body as one functional whole, not just one single joint, so you work from head to toe, recruiting more muscle fibers, increasing overall caloric expenditure, and delivering better results.

RELATED: The Faster Results Workout Do these exercises together as a quick calorie-burning workout, or simply incorporate them into your current fitness routine. Perform as many reps as possible of each exercise for 60 seconds. If the move is two-sided, perform on each side for 30 seconds. For wax on, wax off, perform lose body fat on arms for 15 seconds in each direction on both sides, totaling 60 seconds. Update Your Account Logout Shape.

How to Lose Arm Fat FAST

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