How to lose 3 kg weight in 15 days

However, never gorge on ice-cream or chips in the night weigyt they may spoil your entire weight loss regime. Eat fruits and vegetables that are natural diuretics. To cut back on starch consumption, avoid foods like Our bodies need detoxification occasionally, in order to be able to function properly and prevent numerous diseases. Breakfast is always the same, and it should consist:.

The secret here is in the two special beverages. The first one is the weight loss syrup and the second one is the so called metabolism activator. With their help you are making detoxification of your body, and in the same time you are losing weight fast. When you are in a phase of detoxification or cleansingkv that you eat and drink should help you to eliminate toxins and to supply you with fluids. This diet should be done during the weekend. The consumption of tomatoes is recommended because they contain high level of antioxidant lycopene.

During this diet you should consume grains and vegetables, which will increase the internal temperature and activate the process of purification. Mix how to lose 3 kg weight in 15 days the ingredients well and the drink is ready to use. Consume this syrup at night before bedtime. Mix all the ingredients well in a blender mix for 1 minute at maximum speed and the juice is ready for consumption. Consume this juice every day before kb. For the second day you need to rays this again.

During these two days you must drink high quantities at least 4 glasses per day of green tea without sugar, drink a lot of water and eat only vegetables and small quantities of grains and nuts. Should I have it only for two days or can I continue this for many days? Also please let me know what would be the time to drink this wright I am working in night shifts? You can continue more than two days. If 115 are a night shift, drink the Weight loss Syrup after work before going to bed. Drink the metabolism activator after waking up before meal.

Maple syrup is a syrup usually made from the xylem sap of sugar maple, red maple, or black maple trees, although it can also be made from other maple species. Yes, you drink the whole ml of juice before xays. For breakfast you can eat fruits and vegetables. Life Health and Beauty. Log into your account. By Life Health and Beauty. I tried and it worked. I did ewight for 5 days and I lost 5 kg. Can we use usuall chilli instead of hot chilly peppe.

No, please follow the plan. You can eat any vegetable you want and small quantities of grains. Both loose i need to drink them during the two days. Sorry, there is no substitute for maple syrup. So u mean only the first day we will drink this? Not the other day. No, you will drink this on the how to lose 3 kg weight in 15 days day too. Do you drink the whole ml of juice before breakfast. What can you eat for breakfast.? The whole dose is enough for one day Weight loss Syrup and Juice to activate the metabolism.

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How can I lose 5 kg in 15 days? Update Cancel. OK so coming back to your question, as everyone else mentioned it is impossible to loose 5 kg weight in 15 days. Apr 12,  · How to Lose 10 Kg Fast. While there Think about your typical day and see when and where you can add in more movement or more steps. Lose Weight in 10 Days. Best medical diet: Lose 15 kilograms in 15 days. Weight Loss. The sixth and seventh day you should take a break and then, if you want to lose more weight.

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