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N Engl J Med ; October 12, DOI: We developed a maintenance program based on self-regulation theory and tested the efficacy of delivering the program face to face or over the Internet. Full Text of Background We randomly assigned participants who had lost prohram mean of The content of the programs in the two intervention groups was the same, emphasizing daily self-weighing and self-regulation, as was the frequency of contact with the groups.

The primary outcome was weight gain over a period of 18 months. Full Text of Methods The proportion of participants who regained 2. Qeight self-weighing increased in both intervention groups and was associated with a decreased risk of regaining 2. Full Text of Results As compared with receiving quarterly newsletters, a self-regulation program based on daily weighing improved maintenance of weight loss, particularly when delivered face to face.

Full Text of Discussion The major challenge in the treatment of obesity is maintenance of weight loss. There is a need for maintenance programs that specifically target people who have lost substantial amounts of weight, regardless of how they lost it, and that teach skills specific to the maintenance of weight loss.

We report here the results of the Study to Prevent Regain STOP Regaina randomized clinical trial testing the efficacy wight a face-to-face program and an Internet-based program, as compared with a newsletter control group, in preventing weight regain over a period of 18 months. The maintenance interventions developed for this trial were based on self-regulation theory 5 and emphasized comparing current weight with a goal weight weight at the start of the maintenance phase.

Then, depending on the correspondence between these two weights, the participants were taught to adjust their eating and exercise behavior or will i lose weight on phase 3 hcg provide self-reinforcement. We recruited participants between February and September through newspaper advertisements, brochures, and contacts with commercial caarmel research weight-control programs in the Rhode Island area Figure 1 Carmep 1 Study Lozs and Retention.

Exclusion progra included serious physical disorders e. Participants with medical aeight that might affect their ability to safely complete the intervention or their ability to exercise were required to obtain written los from a physician before entering the study. The face-to-face format was tested because this approach is used in most weight-control programs and provides a pdogram level of accountability through objective weigh-ins and intensive therapist and peer support.

We tested an Internet program because this approach has been shown to be helpful in weight loss and maintenance ; we reasoned that the Internet program would be more convenient for participants and would therefore produce better attendance at intervention sessions than the face-to-face program. The protocol was approved mount carmel weight loss program the institutional review board at the Miriam Hospital, Providence; written informed consent was obtained from all mount carmel weight loss program.

The authors designed the study and secured funding; they took sole responsibility for treating participants, collecting and analyzing the data, and writing the manuscript; they weeight for the accuracy and completeness of the reported data. The face-to-face and Internet interventions were identical in frequency of contact and content and were intended to teach participants to regulate their body weight.

Participants in wwight intervention groups were given a scale and introduced to a weight-monitoring system based on color zones. They were taught to use the scale in the way they would use a thermostat or home glucose monitor — namely, to determine whether adjustments in energy-balance behaviors weiggt needed.

Since a major difference between weight loss and weight maintenance is the reinforcement a person receives from others, 3 participants were asked to submit their weight weekly through an automated telephone system face-to-face group or a Web-based form Internet group. Those who reported maintaining their weight, defined as a weight gain of less than 1.

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