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EveryMove lets users enter their physical activity manually and then connect with a variety of other tracking devices and apps including RunKeeper, BodyMedia, FitBit to collect any and all data and convert it to points that go toward rewards, which improves the user experience for group weight loss challenge app other app and device. This app wpp challenges that are suitable for people at all fitness levels. You can check your. The Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal. Skinnyo — Turn Weight Loss Into chalkenge Game.

The group of men using the app and attending the classes lost an average of 15 pounds, and kept it off for a year. The group that used the app but didn't attend the classes lost an average of 9 pounds, while the group using pen and paper saw almost no change in their weight. Since only the group using the app received the bi-weekly check-in phone calls, it's impossible to know how much they contributed to the difference between the app users and the pen users. But it's interesting to note that even looking just at the group receiving phone nudges, those attending the classes lost group weight loss challenge app additional 6 pounds.

The researchers credit this weight loss boost to the social support offered through the classes. There's no shortage of diet and fitness tracking apps available to smartphone owners, but many group weight loss challenge app them miss the social opportunity that — at least according to this study — could make their service more effective for their users.

Others, however, are already integrating social elements in meaningful ways. We put together a list of fitness tracking apps that are leading the charge on social integration. Group weight loss challenge app free Track your physical activities anything from weightlifting to jogging to power gardening and view your progress with Fitocracy 's performance graphs. Your activities will earn points that unlock badges and "level up"s.

Invite your friends or join a Fitocracy group of like-minded people like joggers, weightlifters, etc. Like a little friendly competition? Fitness challenges abound on Fitocracy. App is available for iPhone with an Android app in the works. Post the start of your run group weight loss challenge app Path or Facebook, and hear real-time cheers through your headphones whenever one of your friends likes or comments on that post. App is available for iPhone and Android.

RunKeeper free, with paid "Elite" version available RunKeeper is often heralded as THE best app for tracking your runs. It uses group weight loss challenge app phone's GPS to track your runs, walks, bike rides, and more. Stats, progress, and coaching comes through your headphones, and you can see detailed stats to measure your performance and progress against goals.

On the social side, users can add friends from their phone's address book or Facebook, and compete against each other — or "nudge" friends who haven't been active in a while. Available for iPhone and Android. Teemo free, for a group weight loss challenge app time Teemo is a fitness adventure game combining expert trainers with social motivation and epic missions to keep you moving and inspired.

Teemo players select from missions like climbing Mt. Up to nine Facebook friends can be invited to join, although completing a mission solo is also an option. But rather than competing against one another, the Teemo team members work together to achieve their common mission. Each team member completes short workouts, and those workouts are tracked and move the entire team closer to its goal. Available only on iPhone. Yog free Yog is a social running experience that connects runners from all over the world to run together in real time.

You can use the app to create a run of your own or to join one that another "yogger" created. Make the event public or invite group weight loss challenge app friends to join the run — which is defined not by location, but by start time and distance to that runners from anywhere can run "together. You'll also get audio and on-screen alters letting you know your progress relative to other "yoggers" on the run.

Available only for iPhone. Fit Friendzy free The Fit Friendzy - Exercise Challenges app includes challenges suitable for people at any level of fitness — from easy to "insane," according to the app's website. Choose from challenges like walking 30 minutes a day, running a marathon, or swimming a mile. Users can invite friends to join them in the challenge, or simply play along with other Fit Friendzy users. The app tracks your exercises, time, distance, speed, calories burned, and progress against goals.

Endomondo free, with paid "Pro" version available Endomondo tracks any distance-based activity running, cycling, walking, etc.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App

Video embedded  · Want to lose weight? These apps will keep you on track. Comment; Share; Tweet Stumble An app called Diet Bet turns weight loss into a group. 8 Fitness Apps That Use Your Friends almost no change in their weight. Since only the group using the app received the bi join them in the challenge. While weight loss is at the core of Lose It!, we know that weight loss is just one A world of apps and devices. Lose It Lose It!'s challenge feature unlocks.

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