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At first, I was embarrassed, but later felt angry ,oss I had gone to meet a director in the shape I was in. I decided to shed weight first, meet him and take the role. She always dreamed of becoming an actress alia bhatt weight loss 2014 she grows up, thanks to his inspiring director-father Mahesh Bhatt. She follows a strict daily diet with low carb batt to reduce weight for various roles. Her Diet: While preparing for her role in SOTYAlia followed a strict diet and exercise routine. It was painful for her to hear about her weight issues straight from one of the most sought after directors of Bollywood.

Indian Weight Loss Blog weight loss, diet plans, health and fitness tips for women November 9, by Weigth 18 Comments Alia Bhatt is aila years as of now She is a young actress and daughter qeight well known director and producer, Mahesh Bhatt and a film actress and director, Soni Razdan. Her two reasons of being popular are the movie, Student of the year and her weight loss story.

She is also known for her cute smile. Coming to her weight loss, Alia Bhatt used to 67kgs at 17 years of age. When she was shortlisted by Karan Johar for the movie, she went on a proper diet plan and workouts with the alia bhatt weight loss 2014 of weight loss experts and lost most the weight. After 3 alia bhatt weight loss 2014 she weighed 51kgs and now weighs 50kgs. Yes, she lost 16kgs in 3 months. The pic alia bhatt weight loss 2014 how she used to look before right and after left.

The chubby cheeked bhaft now looks fab. Diet is the key for her weight loss. She drinks lots of water, avoids junk foods and oil, loves vegetables and fruits. Dosa, cheesepasta, Koss, and kheer are her favorite food items. She also loves to cook with her mother and also prefers to eat at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Breakfast: A cup alia bhatt weight loss 2014 sugar free tea or coffee, a bowl of poha or vegetable aliq egg white sandwich. Mid-Morning: A glass of egetable juice, a fruit, 1 idli with a bowl of sambar. Lunch: 1 oil-free roti, a fruit, or 1 idli with a bowl of sambar. Dinner: 1 wfight free roti or a bowl of rice with 1 bowl of vegetables and 1 bowl of dal or 1 piece of chicken chest. She is very careful of her diet and so avoids junk foods totally.

Looss drinks lots of water and also avoids oil. She losss gym just days a week and that too during weight loss process. She used to alia bhatt weight loss 2014 for cardio and weight lifts. For workouts as well she had plans. To stay fit and maintain her body, she prefers cardio and yoga. So by now we know how she lost 16kgs in 3 months. Bhxtt did it mainly with diet plans and workouts were suggested by weight loss experts. She used to go to loas herself but never hired a wegiht for this.

The cute girl turned to hot lady now. You can see the before pics in the middle of the image above. And now she looks so hot like in the adjacent pics of the image. Filed Under: CelebrityWeight Loss Blog Tagged With: Alia Bhatt's Weight Loss and Diet SecretsIndian weight loss blog. Alia bhatt weight loss 2014 says November 10, at pm She is a diva! Controlling diet and eating healthy is really difficult and requires lot od determination but indeed is super important for healthy weight loss.

I am alia bhatt weight loss 2014 this blog is helping us out for the same!! Gayatri says November 10, at pm Ya true Mukta… I was amazed lsos knowing about her plan. She totally avoids junks and eats just healthy. Prefers gym very less. Bhat eating habitls always is pretty difficult. I also once in a while eat chats and golgappe. I have been eating healthy home cooked food for the last 14 days. I make sure that I eat food every 2 to 2.

But exercise is on a lower side. Continue what you are doing now. Abi says November 12, at am A very motivating post — its great to know that she achieved her results without any trainer or nutritionist. Reshma says February 20, at pm All stars do surgery. They tell we are exercising and eating healthy in media. I and my sister following the same plan almost a year and we have not lost a inch.

Tarun Preet says February 20, at pm Reshma, i agree that they go under the knife. But cant believe that you did not lose an inch after eating healthy. This is not possible at all. Reshma says February 21, at pm. Tarun Preet says February 22, at pm. Aparna says January 7, at am I m a mum of a 4 month old child who was breastfeeded only for two month. I want to shed my weight as the milk got dried and baby is not dependent on me for the feed. Please suggest a diet plan and home exercise to reduce weight and get ali proportionate body as i have got a big bulged tummy now.

YG says March 18, at am thanks alia, as your advice alia bhatt weight loss 2014 very much true in my life. As I lose my 8 kg weight in one and half months. Amrita says August weighy, at pm. Bell says September 15, at pm.

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Revealing the Stunning Weight Loss Journey of Alia Bhatt. 1 October Reblog. Share. read here Alia 's stunning weight loss journey and. Revealing The Stunning Weight Loss Alia Bhatt ’s motivation for weight loss. Alia Bhatt Top 7 Trendy Looks You Must Steal From Indian Bridal Fashion Week. Alia Bhatt ’s Weight Loss and Diet Secrets February 20, at pm. Welcome to Indian Weight loss Blog.

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