How to lose weight as a night shift nurse

Be organized with your schedule and weight loss plan. You can get the soothing effect with essential oils, sliced fruit or even an open shampoo bottle—synthetic scents lsoe just as well as natural ones. During a night shift, plan on eating a substantial meal every four nurxe and one snack. Can't buy that Egg McMuffin with your good looks. Skipping sleep regularly can interfere with successful weight loss. For years, researchers have been linking long-term insufficient sleep to a host of chronic ills, such as cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and sleep apnea, not to mention the poor concentration, absenteeism, accidents, errors, how to lose weight as a night shift nurse and fatalities that lack of sleep can cause in the workplace. Not only should you plan your food for the day even if you do it on a day-by-day basis when you get up in the morningbut you should also plan the workout for the day, and stick to it as though it was an important business meeting that can't be rescheduled.

Little back ground: Since January I have lost 60 pounds and have ran a few 5K races. I have signed up for a half marathon next year. I was working days in an ICU unit and then switched to dialysis which I do not like. I am now going to start in a Neuro ICU in 2 weeks night shift. My concern is I don't want to gain any weight back, I have been on night shift before and eating pizza at 2 am is never good, well atleast for your hips.

Now for the how to lose weight as a night shift nurse, for you that run and work night shift how do you do it, what is your schedule for running and how do you eat and what? I will be three 12 hour nights every third weekend and I will have about a 50 min drive both ways. Thanks for any replies. Run as soon as you get home. I started running again, too, and have taken off 20 pounds so far.

I go to nights next week. I just started on nights 2 weeks ago and am in the middle of triathlon training. I only work 2 nights a week so I know those following 2 mornings are a wash. In the afternoon I may try and do some free weights. I try to utilize the other 5 days as best I can. Take your own food and keep it light and healthy. Do most of you running nurses who work 12 hours shifts just skip any major exercise on days that you work, or do you try to squeeze it in?

Seems like a good time to take your rest days. Congrats on your weight loss! Ditto to some of the above comments: pack your own food. Bring lots of good-quality snacks - fruit, veggies, crackers, etc. For me, running right after work generally doesn't work if I am going back to work that night, because I can't sleep too well right after I run. I'm a girl who loves my sleep, so I get that in first!

What I have usually done is to take it easy, minutes in between my nights working before I go to work. I've trained for a half marathon successfullyso not real fast but I was happy with it on that kind of a schedule - you top fat burning pills 2015 lose too much training by taking it easy a few days! I guess you really just have to try to figure out what works for you!

Congrats on the weight loss. I started running again too. I usually work 3 12 in a row. The next day off is a waste but I run on the other 3 days that I am off. I need to get a better routine together though. I used to run 5 days a week but now not so much. I do NOTHING on the days between work night shift. Just started running and I'm at a mile. I don't know how fast I can bump that up because I have awful endurance.

How to lose weight as a night shift nurse insufficient sleep is a common problem for night workers. And it contributes to wrong levels of leptin and the other weight loss hormone gherlein? I hope nights won't how to lose weight as a night shift nurse this up for you, as you are working on wt loss. I run in the afternoon before my nap on my first night, then will get another run in before my last night. Basically, if I get home and into bed bysleep untilget up, run, I have plenty of time to get ready and to work by Then I run at least 2 of my 4 days off.

I also like to try to run early one day, then late the next day so I have more than 24 hours of recovery but still 2 runs in 2 days. Be creative, and be determined, just as you were with the weight loss in the first place. Follow that determination with what you how to lose weight as a night shift nurse to eat at 2am! Congrats and keep it up! Just to add to what Vito has said, I have been reading that getting 8 hours of regular sleep a night is the single best way to increase a sluggish metabolism.

Healthy Night Shift Tips!

Weight gain on NIGHT shift!!! I actually have managed to lose weight being back on the night shift, Login to Ask Nurse Beth Your Nursing Career Questions. Keeping It Off on the Night Shift. Working nights doesn't have to wreak havoc on weight loss—here's how to fit health into your including the night shift. Many night shift nurses struggle with keeping their weight down. What is the cause? Read this to find out.

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