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The first fat loss 4 idiots login to remember about any diet is that when an overweight person resolves to begin it, he has gone through the process of making the decision to lose weight and has sought out a program. You get overweight because you don't eat the correct meals at the right intervals every day. Individuals eat throughout the day, four to five times. Weight loss is important for the overweight person. Individual comments show that the majority of people who use the plan can lose the weight easily. To continue, complete human verification below.

FatLoss4Idiots is based on an on-line diet generator that will create daily meal plans based on your food preferences. There are some starchy carbohydrates such as oats and pasta. They say that dieters must shift to eating the right kind of calories. They call this calorie shifting. They say that certain foods interfere with the correct hormone levels that keep the metabolism running and aft burning.

By shifting calories to the right foods, dieters can correct their hormone imbalances. It is difficult to fat loss 4 idiots login an exact caloric breakdown because meal sizes are based around eating short of being full. An analysis of a typical days meal indicates the diet is high in protein, low in fat, and with reduced carbohydrates. However all the foods listed are good choices. Fat Loss for Idiots claims 9 pounds lost every 11 days. However this is extremely unlikely and unsafe.

This weight loss is often possible during an fat loss 4 idiots login typically a phase where you drop out starchy carbs. The weight lost lsos a mixture of water and fat and possibly muscle. This kind of weight loss would be difficult to sustain, and would almost certainly be accompanied by a drop in metabolism. There also appears to be no support of any kind from the site.

IT DONT WORK John, COME ON…. Hate to say it, but I agree with John. I tried this diet as a cutting diet for martial arts and lost about 15 lbs in the first 2 weeks. I will say that 5 was water, but the rest is majority of fat. My second try I lost about lbs and some of that was water weight. Not a long term eating plan. What is the point of fad diets like this??? I think women lose slower than the males listed above.

However, I definetely lost weight but not the 9 lbs not good anyway per logiin days. It varied each 11 day period. It stays off for a while until I get distracted for long periods of time months with overindulging in eating. I did the diet before a cruise trip lost the weight and maintained the loss with regular cruise eating logni the entire week of the cruise. It does NOT work. In fact it should be called FatGAIN 4 Idiots.

Stuck to it religiously, gained weight, despite daily workouts. Hardly any fresh fruit and veg, idikts to mention fiber, but piles of protein instead. Wonder why they tell us that… Dspite, most of you people say, this diet DOES work. My friend did the diet and succesfully lost 9 pounds. My mother did the diet and lost 10 pounds. I did the diet and lost 4 fat loss 4 idiots login. The example menu above, was not what my menu was like. You can select the foods you want.

I do not idilts cottage cheese, so I did not select it. This diet is very easy to follow, and all of us have successfully kept the weight off. I hope I helped any people who inquire the diet! Best of Luck to all in their weight loss journey! I lost 35 in 21 days. You cannot eat any sugar at all or to many carbs. But it does work nice and easy. You seriously cannot cheat at all or you will not lose. Even though I believe that this diet works, I believe its unhealthy.

Any high protein diet is unhealthy and fat loss 4 idiots login many health risks. I tried this diet and ,ogin 9 lbs in only 4 days. I started feeling a little sick and my eyes started looking week. Patricia, are you even reading the same menu, on mine I have alot of fruit and vegies, where did you get your menu from,it is not the diet at all. It is great, I platued and started this diet and my weight came off again, this diet is healthy and works.

But my comment is, if the diet for the most part seems to work, then why not take the good from it and add a few veggies and fruits in moderation and a few carbs and go from there. The sell of the book 44 the 9 pds in 11 days. That includes unlimited access to the menu generator, no time limit, plus the diet handbook with the 10 rules to lose weight and how to maintain low weight after losing it.

The meal samples shown are NOTHING like the ones generated for me. Mine was very low carb, but very big on fruits and veggies. The person who gained weight was working out — if he read the handbook, he would know that working out is not advised.

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BEYOND CALORIES is a Dieting System from Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Fat Loss 4 Idiots Scam Reports and decides to eat a scrambled egg instead without interfering in the weight loss cycle. Fat Loss 4 Idiots rates in at out of. fat loss 4 idiots login page"> fat loss 4 idiots login page" width="">.

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