Is muscle milk light good for weight loss

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Is muscle milk light good for weight loss 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: Muscle Milk Light Join Date May I am an active 26 yr old female. I work is muscle milk light good for weight loss 6 days a week. I was wondering, I am at a standstill with my weight right now. My goal is to loose about 10 more pounds. Is muscle milk light a good choice to help me? Join Date Aug As long as you goor still remaining in a id deficit with the protein shake added in to your diet, you would still lose weight.

But the true problem sounds like you've been doing the same workout since January Generally, I try to change up my workout about every 6 weeks, I think that is about the generally accepted time frame as well if memory serves correctly. Join Date Mar I would, as previously stated, change things up a bit and try to cut a losa extra calories remember, the less you weigh the less you need, therefor your old calorie count may need to be adjusted for the 30lbs you've lost so far.

As far as Muscle Milk goes, its fine. It isn't a weight loss suppliment, tood will only add calories to your diet, thus obstructing your weight loss goal, unless you cut something else out. I am sticking to a workout routine of 6days a week, but I am always changing up my exercises, I get bored quickly so I am constantly trying different and new things kickboxing classes, running, elliptical, pilates, etc. I want to loose this last 10lbs So if I drink the muscle milk post-workout as a "meal replacement" shake Originally Posted by belladiamondz.

Join Date Jan Iv found that MM is only good for me right after a workout. As far as using it during the day i would say no. ON Standard Whey is a good choice. Join Date Jun I'm a HUGE fan of Muscle Milk and Muscle Milk light. However, I usually mix one scoop of it with another Whey protein isolate so that I can get more protein, a higher quality protein and less calories. Try Scivation's new Whey. It's a pure whey protein isolate with AMAZING taste!

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is muscle milk good for weight loss

Natural Compound Causes 'Roid-Like Muscle Growth. But Should It Be Regulated? Muscle'd: Muscle Maximize'd - Home. MUSCLE MILK ® Protein Bars. Feel good. Be fit. Work out. Recover. News. Latest updates. Weight Loss ; Stuff We Love; You Asked: Is Muscle Milk Good for You? 25 SHARES. By I use Muscle Milk Light Cookies and Cream Dry mix.

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