How to lose weight while travelling

Details : No Promo Code Needed. Stay away from banana pancakes, even though they are delicious. This one-two punch can lead to weight gain while away, leaving you with pounds to work off once you get back home. The other massive secret to losing weight is to use the right supplements, shakesand give your body a chance to naturally lose weight. Our In-House fitness studio is designed for the person looking to lose weight. Weught keeps you feeling full longer, so you'll wjile less.

Nobody knows this better how to lose weight while travelling Peter Shankmanthe social media entrepreneur who founded HAROa service that connects reporters and sources. He travels about days a year, and despite completing an Ironman late last year, he admits to being heavier than he'd like. Enter his new blog, A Year to Ten Percentwhich documents his journey to reduce his body fat to 10 percent body fat and improve all his health stats -- including weight, cholesterol and blood pressure.

His main foe on the road, Shankman says, is uncertainty: "Is my flight going to land on time? When I get to the hotel is the gym still going to be lose body fat diet meal plan If I miss a flight, will I have to eat the airport crap? Shankman's already dropping inches and pounds. So I asked him, as well as some fitness and nutrition experts, to share a few strategies for fellow frequent fliers.

Here are eight ways to lose weight while on the go. You probably wouldn't grab a bag of chips and soda and call it breakfast if you're at home - so don't do it on the road. Whole foods like fruit and nuts are full of fiber. That keeps you feeling full longer, so you'll eat less. Instead of dehydrating alcohol and caffeine, try to stick to water when flying, says Yale University nutritionist Lisa T. Kimmel, MS, RD, CSSD.

A good rule of thumb is to drink 8 ounces of water every hour of the flight," says Kimmel. Workout and sightsee at the same time. Don't want to make room in your carry-on? Westin hotels now lend guests running shoes. Don't Count on the Gym. If it's raining how to lose weight while travelling your hotel doesn't have a gym, that's no excuse to fall off the workout wagon, says Hollywood trainer Gunnar Peterson. He advises his jet-setting clients to pack a jump rope that can be used both in the traditional way and as a stretching aid.

Another hotel-room friendly exercise? Peterson suggests doing reps with your feet on your bed and your hands on the floor, and another set with your hands on your bed and your feet on the floor. For a guided workout, download one to your laptop before you leave and you'll be set, whatever the weather. Stick To Your Regular Eating Schedule. Planning ahead will keep you from ditching your diet later. Schedule a wake up call to make sure that you take time to eat so that you don't overcompensate with big portions as the day goes on," says Kimmel.

Stay Active at the Airport. If you get to the airport early, resist the urge to immediately plop down into a chair at the gate they're not comfortable anyway, so this shouldn't be too hard. Window shop until you board, and you'll burn both calories and time. Remember That Calories Count, Even Midair. Sure, you can ask for a low-fat, low-sodium meal if your airline offers them. But bringing your own food is better. Make Cocktail Hour About Networking, Not Drinking. Whether how to lose weight while travelling partaking in a conference's happy hour or sipping martinis with a business associate at a hotel bar, alcohol calories can add up quickly.

Even worse, drinking too much will cloud your judgment when you order dinner as well as when you're making business decisions. Everybody thinks it is vodka. How do you stay healthy on the road? Please sign in below and share your stay fit strategies. And for more career advice, follow MWOnTheJob on Twitter. More on MoneyWatch: How to lose weight while travelling Levin-Epstein is a freelance writer who has been published in dozens of magazines including Glamour, Self and Redbookwebsites including AOLHealth.

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Market data provided by Interactive Data. Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions News provided by The Associated Press. March 11,PM Last Updated Mar 11, PM EST Business travelers face a minefield of dietary disasters. There are the airport lounges with free booze and snacks, the butter-soaked steak dinners -- and of course, the late-night arrivals and room service.

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