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We know it works because we tested the plan on 18 women and men. So, does it really work? Understand the Price Tag. MyPlate, MyWins What are MyPlate, MyWins. Many thousands of readers embraced the 2-Day Diet revolution and found that it was so simple to fit into their everyday lives.

Just before I began following the 2-Day Diet plan, after the Daily Mail first unveiled it in February, I was given a rather alarming diagnosis. I thought it might be SAD — Seasonal Affective Disorder — after the dark, cold and miserable winter that seemed never-ending. But Daily mail 2 day diet meal planner decided to see my GP just to be sure there was nothing more serious going on. But my doctor thought I should have a blood test just to be certain there was nothing else wearing me down.

Life changing: Jenni Murray has found a new lease of life since starting with the 2-Day Diet Sure enough, we discovered I was in the early stages of glucose intolerance. My body was not dealing with sugar as it should have been, something that is not uncommon in those who are middle-aged and overweight with a particular passion for treacle sponge pudding and custard.

Although I was nowhere near Type 2 diabetes, I would, said my doc, need to be more careful with my consumption of sugar if I was to avoid becoming diabetic. Aside from my waistline, I now had an added incentive to say no to any offer of a pudding and to lay off honey, jam, sweets or sugary drinks. The 2-Day Diet — diet for just two consecutive days a week, then eat normally for five — seemed the perfect way to get in shape without ever going hungry.

The health benefits of the diet seem so compelling, particularly the impact on insulin regulation and the prevention of any sneaky little breast cancer cells daring to return. My cheats came only this week when I had two birthdays to celebrate in five days. It used to be three — husband first, then older son, then Dad. So more wine than the recommended ten units a week was consumed.

Then there was the boeuf bourguignon, the creamy mashed potatoes and the home-made chocolate truffles. The food was, frankly, fantastic, and to have sons who understand the importance of cooking and enjoy giving pleasure to their loved ones through food is such a triumph. But it was when I was faced with such treats that I realised how much my attitude to food had changed.

For the first time ever, my appetite seemed to be under control. And it was enough. The family was impressed and the scales showed no noticeable gain. My diet days are generally Monday and Tuesday — a welcome recovery from the weekend. Wherever I go people are talking about the 2-Day Diet. My colleague had been tipped off about the diet by the cancer specialists behind it, so had already been doing it for a whole year! Because knowledge of my part in the diet seems to be pretty widespread, I have learned that I have to be careful about what I put in my shopping daily mail 2 day diet meal planner — or be prepared to make profusely apologetic explanations.

I was accosted by two charming middle-aged and quite plump women. They even accepted my explanation for the croissants and Yum Yums. On unrestricted days, the choice is wide as long you apply the rules of healthy eating. I cut down on fats and always buy chicken without skin. I do miss that, and I no longer roast a chicken with that delicious, crispy, fatty golden brown outer layer — oh, stop it Jenni! But I find a Mediterranean chicken casserole perfectly acceptable — and so does he.

Even Him Indoors admits he much prefers the texture and taste to the standard stuff. Spring has sprung well sort of and summer is round the corner. Now is such a good time to crack on with the diet. I rarely fancy anything sweet or stodgy when the warm weather comes round, and there are plenty of delicious fresh fruits and home-grown vegetables and salads. And the exercise bit is so much easier. But the sun is now peeking through the clouds and blue sky is showing itself brightly.

So a few months of no excuses lie ahead. A Mediterranean diet and getting fitter — off we go! The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Thanks to the daily mail 2 day diet meal planner Diet, I've warded off diabetes - and still enjoy the odd truffle!

JENNI MURRAY reveals how it's changed her health forever. Life changing: Jenni Murray has found a new lease of life since starting with the 2-Day Diet.

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This diabetes meal plan features 31 simple, 7 days of breakfast, lunch, Editorial Policy | Advertising Policy Diabetes Daily does not provide medical advice. to design this seven- day meal plan, The Biggest Loser 7- Day Diet Plan. You'll eat three meals and two snacks daily. 5: 2 diet recipes for fast days, including a 5: 2 meal planner with meals under calories, diet meal plans: 2 diet recipes and meal plans.

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