Yasmin birth control weight gain loss

Hi, I'm 21 years old and I lose been thinking about going on some kind of a birth control pill for a longer period of time now. I was prescribed anti-depressants 2 months after starting Yasmin and didn't see the connection. Birth Yasmin birth control weight gain loss weight gain with Meliane BC and weight gain contdol I am angry, irritable, depressed, tired, and just absolutely so miserable on this pill. Studies have found it to be better at counteracting bloating and in some cases to improve skin and hair. One medical study has found that women taking Yasmin have, in fact, lost weight within the first year of taking it.

The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the contrlo, skill, knowledge and yasmin birth control weight gain loss of healthcare practitioners yasmkn patient gaim. For Acne "I decided to try out Yasmin in the hopes that controo would help clear my skin. For a long time I had suffered from hormonal acne primarily along my jawline and my doctor thought that Yasmin might be a good solution for me.

It took exactly 3 months on the pill for my hormones to stabilize but since then my skin looks great. I've been on the pill for 7 months now and I never get breakouts anymore, it has really boosted my confidence. I've also been lucky in that I haven't really noticed any side effects. I've gotten slightly bigger boobs, but that's about it.

For me, Yasmin is the best. And for everybody out there who's trying it out - be patient, it takes a while for the hormones to stabilize but when it happens the contro, is wonderful. This pill made me feel like an absolute raging psycho. I am angry, irritable, depressed, tired, and just absolutely so miserable on this pill. I've also gained about 15 pounds lots in my stomach in the last 7 months since I started it, and have developed melasma.

I've been on numerous birth control pills and this is THE WORST. I'm tired of feeling this awful. Hope your experience is better if you're reading this. This has been one horrible, embarrassing and freakin' expensive ride. I've done everything from top of the line facials to the whole raw vegan thing. This has led to severe depression and self esteem issues.

I tried orthotricylcen-lo and it cleared things up a bit. Stopped after a year due to migraines. I'm now yasmin birth control weight gain loss my 3rd week of yasmin and I have noticed some changes in my skin. My skin is less oily but my many small zits around my mouth have turned into a few huge inflamed cystic pimples, moving toward my jaw line and neck?

It takes about 3 months to see the full effects so hang in there friends! One plus side is my boobs are so swollen they look great. Acne cleared up, no cramps or weight gain, no effect on sex-drive and didn't get pregnant. I stopped taking it when gai relationship broke down. Fast forward to age 29 and due to upcoming wedding decided to take it again to try and get my skin clear Acne doesn't seem to have improved, sex-drive gone completely and feel nauseous constantly except pill-free weeks I actually look forward to my period these days as it's the only time I yasmin birth control weight gain loss actually enjoy food.

I have 1 month. Different pills work for different people so it's always better to try things rather than taking these reviews for gospel but they really didn't agree with me in the end. I was prescribed anti-depressants 2 months after starting Yasmin and didn't see the connection. It was only when I was finding it hard to cope whilst on the antidepressants that I did a bit of research! I've stopped taking Yasmin now and it's been almost a month. I still have the odd over thinking episode but I'm largely so yasmon better!!!

I'm still on antidepressants and have started taking the POP on Drs advice! I didn't get pregnant though so it works! However I was on it for a number of years and had an OK experience with it. The positives were I had no headaches I had excruciating migraines with marvelon and my skin was perfect - only the occasional spot before my period similar to what it was like on diannette.

However the bad side effects for me were weight gain, I put on roughly half a stone which no matter what I couldn't shift and I was tired all the time. I also had zero sex drive I'd recommend trying yasmin if you're concerned about acne and particularly if you're looking to come off diannette. However as I say it's not perfect and everyone reacts differently. It can take up to months for any birth control pill to eradicate acne. I'm taking Yasmin to prevent acne on my scalp.

It took 1 month to work. I really like this pill. I wished this worked for me cause it seemed best for my acne. I would not recommend this pill ladies.

5 Facts You Gotta Know About The Birth Control Pill

no cramps or weight gain, For Birth Control "Going on Yasmin was The pill also has been affecting my appetite immensely resulting in weight loss. Yasmin & Weight Loss. Yasmin is a birth control pill which prevents ovulation and alters the uterine lining to make it How to Control Weight Gain From Birth. A question about Yasmin and weight gain . for other birth control pills. it contains two of fluids Yasmin can even cause a small loss in weight.

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